Leisure & Family

Designed for the busy family  looking to spend quality time with their children while participating in fun-filled activities such as canoeing in an outrigger, zip lining, snorkeling to name a few; all activities accompanied by guides who meet your family’s needs. These guide’s qualifications include Teachers, Counselors and Childcare Specialists.

We understand that planning a holiday for one is difficult enough, let alone for an entire family! We help eradicate those headaches by catering a trip specifically for family’s needs, specializing in blended families or split parenting homes. We offer activities designed for kids, parents, and both which allows for a perfection vacation to be had by the entire family.

We spend an extraordinary amount of time speaking to and reviewing each family member wishes and the activities best suited for them, completing a questionnaire and then choosing the best guides and activities. We then we prepare the itinerary eliminating all stress caused by taking a family adventure on an unknown island. Meal preparation is fully handled as well as all dining reservations. We can even include cooking classes for the entire family, teaching healthy eating habits for all.

Very importantly, we take into consideration plenty of downtime for the parents with activities to excite children and parents of all ages alike.

This is an all-inclusive 5 star holidays with your very own private Concierges and Guides.

Meal Preparation and Dining Reservations

Maui is the ideal destination in which to rediscover the meaning of serenity and ensure that your family has the holiday of a lifetime.

As one of Maui’s finest luxury retreats, you can be sure that Maui Life Retreats will provide ample opportunity to relax and unwind.

With a range of activities on offer that are nearly as endless as the breathtaking views, Maui Life Retreats enables you to spend quality time with your family and get away from it all in a bliss filled holiday.