MAUI LIFE RETREATS specializes in small escorted luxury retreats designed to bring joy, love, laughter and balance into your life.  These unique and invigorating retreats cater to those seeking the ultimate travel experience and incorporate the finest quality of instruction in meditation and yoga, high end accommodations, amazing culinary experiences and the best nature adventures that the island paradise of Maui has to offer.



Our very 1st Camp Kerry Maui Retreats surpasses all expectations!

The Camp Kerry families, ourselves and namely the Counsellors are in awe at exactly how much healing, nurturing and bonding of each family as a unit took place, as well as the relationships formed with the other families, the Counsellors and my own family. A special healing has taken place over the past eight days. It is difficult to find the words to describe the experience in totality, however it is for certain that we are changed for the better. Read more ...