A unique opportunity to experience Maui's fresh organic food right where it is grown in beautiful upcountry Maui with panoramic views and a moderate climate.  An informative tour with a knowledgeable guide teaching you ways to grow your garden and give you tools to take back home with you to be sure your garden is as organic as possible. You will pick and taste the fresh produce, including coffee berries, mandarins, cape goose berries, wild mount raspberries, and anise seed.  Your chosen salad greens and herbs will then be included with a delicious gourmet meal prepared by an experienced Maui Chef.

Following lunch we will then tour a sustainable lavender farm learning all about the history of the farm and the health benefits of lavender. There are hillside fields of a wide variety of lavender plants from all over the world and a diverse collection of protea's and exotic plants including bird of paradise complete with gorgeous views. In the gift shop you can buy all things lavender - oils, soaps, lavender honey, and ensure you go home with several of their famous and most delicious lavender scones.