Our very 1st Camp Kerry Maui Retreats surpasses all expectations!

The Camp Kerry families, ourselves and namely the Counsellors are in awe at exactly how much healing, nurturing and bonding of each family as a unit took place, as well as the relationships formed with the other families, the Counsellors and my own family. A special healing has taken place over the past eight days. It is difficult to find the words to describe the experience in totality, however it is for certain that we are changed for the better.

A blending of four heart filled experienced Counselors leading the healing circles, providing support to each parent, each child and each other as well as the support of each individual and each corporate sponsor sharing their Aloha, their love to Camp Kerry Maui has made this an extrodarinary pilot Camp Kerry Maui. One we hope to continue on an annual basis. Three families turned out to be the perfect number.

To think that these families are all ready to move forward, the parents and the children alike and to know that they are loved and know that there is the hope for the future has made this a very worthwhile venture indeed.

That's all for Camp Kerry now, see you all on the Mainland, we return home this Friday.